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3 Reasons to drink more water

Thousands of people have been living a life without love, but none could have stayed without water. Water occupied more than 90% of space on earth and it is found in multiple shapes, ice, gas, vapor etc... The human body is made of nearly 60% of water. Nevertheless, most people do not consume enough water; therefore, we developed the more chronical disease. The human body has 5 vital organs: the brain, the lung, the heart, the kidney, and the liver; and they need water to function properly. The following are some consequences for drinking more water properly.

Improving mood

Have you ever wonder why are you feeling suddenly down after you just enjoy a good laugh? The amount of water that you drink is one of the reasons why this little change occurs in your body. What is your mood? It is an ephemeral state of how you feel and how you are expressing your feelings to others at a specific moment.  This feeling is the result of a certain chemical reaction that you have in your body and if a certain element is missing or added to this reaction your brain will interpret them with some signal by releasing some hormone that is going to affect your mood. For example, food supposes to give us energy and sometimes after eating we feel the need to go to sleep. This is usually a sign that your sugar level is too high. So, this chemistry reaction affects your ability to stay awake. Drinking more water will not only enhance your organism but also keeping it running with full energy.


Losing more weight

What is your dream body looks like? If you are planning on losing some weight, you should consider on drinking more water. It is said that our body turns all the food that it cannot process into fat and the fact of drinking more water will allow the water to clean our digestive system. We burn more calories when the body is in motion. While working out we need to drink a quantity of water to replace the water that we are losing which going to relax our muscle and strengthened them. At the end, when we drink more water, it helps our digestive system and drains the fat element that stuck in it which over time can decrease the amount of fat.

Having an attractive skin

The largest organ of a human being is its skin and over time our skin becomes less attractive. The reason is that as an organ the skin needs water to keep its cells working perfectly. The consummation of water will boost your metabolism which will create more energy throughout the body. If the body is full of energy, it helps every organ to work at their best including the skin. Wrinkles are only some damages that we have on the skin which is usually due to a long stay in water or long exposure to the sun.

 We have to remember everything that we do excessively will have a negative effect on our body; therefore, drinking water is good but drinking too much water can create some catastrophic problems in the organism. Follow our social links to be the first who knows the negative side of drinking too much water.

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