• Amacdeur

Quest for identity

My family taught me to believe in myself, my friends taught me to stay tuned, my school taught me to be intellectually curious, my society taught me to follow the straight line that they have designed, my wife taught me how affection and attention is what she needs, my boss taught me how teamwork is the key to be productive, my enemy taught me to take care of my friends, and now life is teaching me that I don't know anything about myself. Who am I ?

In this journey, I want to believe in my ability, I want to stay tuned, I want to be intellectually curious, I want to follow the straight line that I am the designer, I want to give affection and attention to my surroundings, I want to be part of a team, I want to take care of my friends and it will be my turn to teach life about who I am.

Any suggestion, experience and thought will help me

Welcome to my journey!

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