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Aloe, an ultimate weapon

One of the things I started realizing not long ago is that some foods (vegetable and fruits) might have a bad taste, but are full of vitamins. Like my mother used to say in her famous quote “the bitter it tastes the better it is”; weird, but totally true. One of the most bitter vegetable is aloe Vera. Personally, as a kid and as of now, I hated its taste and smell. Unfortunately, I’ve never tried eating one as a youngster. Why? Because I would throw up thinking about it. Not long ago, I started realizing that it was the worst decision ever! In a few seconds you will understand why it’s an ultimate weapon to a stronger lifestyle. Here we go!


Aloe Vera is known for its great impact in the cosmetic world, and in pharmaceutical and food industries. In its leaves contain a gel like substance that contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (good for growing healthy hair and nail). Not only does its good in cosmetics, but also it helps fight the growth of certain bacteria that can weaken our health. Sunburns happens to all of us; applying aloe Vera on the burn area will help heal the wound. It also heals first and second-degree burns.

Its cosmetic powers are incredible!! Using aloe Vera on a regular basis helps prevent the formation of wrinkles as we age. Every single one of you enjoys having clean and fresh teeth; well aloe also helps the improvement of the reduction of dental plaque and smells when used like a mouthwash. It is also said to have anti-aging effects on the skin!!!!

It is also pharmaceutical effective. It lowers blood sugar levels in diabetics; and also helps with constipation. It is used as a cleanser for our digestive system.

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