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Are You With The Right Partner?

Devotion or Desperation

Most of us find it very hard to find the right person to abandon ourselves until we get old. Also, some of us are fighting every day to maintain our relationship with the person that we have already chosen to spend the rest of our life with. There are two things that I am certain of, if you are happy or struggling in your relationship: It all comes down to devotion and desperation. Devotion is an act of being committed to seek, build, or maintain something of permanent quality by creating circumstances whereas desperation is an act of being committed to find, build, or keep something of apparent quality to seize a moment. There are many factors that affect a person's decision to get in a desperate relationship: money, age, peer pressure etc. Also, there are many factors that affect someone's decision to get into a devoted relationship: emotional intelligence, education, etc. If devotion is the base of your relationship, I am certain that you are having a joyful time with your partner. However, If desperation is the base of your relationship, you are having a hard time with your partner.

Are you with the right partner?

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