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Can Suicide Take Your Problem Away?

I can't deal with this s**. I am done with this s**. I am a f* loser. We all have at some point in our life made these precedent statements. Although we might have a different reason to say it, we can agree that we felt distress at that moment. Most people choose to end their journey instead of dealing with their problem. However, it is worth to ask if suicide is the ultimate response to deal with life crisis. Most of the problem that incites someone to be inspired to commit suicide arise from playing his or her role as an individual in society. If one cannot meet the expectation of what the society is expecting of you as an individual, it will certainly lead to depression, stress and perhaps suicide. We have to remember that we have more in common as a human than as an individual. If you choose to end your journey, you simply fail the test of being an individual not a human. The problem that you are confronting are not yours because I am not uncertain that there are other people that have the same problem that you have and even if you cease to live these problems will remain in our society. The thought of committing suicide is not a choice but a path that one can try to overcome by T.E.L.L

1- Talking to someone

2- Embracing another culture

3- Living up to the nature not the culture.

4- Letting it go.

Resources: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org

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