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Equality Vs Acceptance

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Would you rather be equal to everyone or accepted by everyone? Most people would agree that there is a great disparity in the world whether it is economic, social, political , etc. Also, many parts of the world, there are people that struggle to be accepted due to their differences in values, norms, etc. According to me, the concept of equality which is controversial can be defined as a state where sameness is achieved among every human being whereas acceptance can be defined as giving value to what makes an individual unique. The following is my opinion in achieving equality or acceptance.

To achieve equality one needs to give up his or her value and embrace someone else value to create that sameness whereas to have acceptance one needs to have a better understanding of what one has to offer about their values. I could agree that every human has emotions, feelings and a desire to survive which makes us equal to that extent, but we all express differently our emotions, feelings, and use different tactics to survive. The parameters that exist in the society are not set up to achieve equality because the society agrees that we have different skills and talents and we all want to achieve something different. Will you give up on your dream to embrace someone else dream to become equal or isn't it easier for you to follow your dream and accept someone else with their dream?

If we were born equal, we are raised to be accepted.


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