• Amacdeur

Life Lesson

Why do other people are hurting you? Why do other people never support you? Why do other people always push you down? There is a million question to ask why other people never give you what you deserve, but the true reason is that you are doing something that they expect you to do and they have seen other people do it for them. Also, if you are not doing any uncommon thing why should they give you what you want. There is only one way to receive true support from others and the only way is that you must stop doing whatever you are doing now for yourself. You need to start doing it truly for them with no intention behind it. For instance, if you are going to your friend’s weddings only to show your outfit not to truly support the big step that she or he is taking to his or her life, so you would be unnoticed. No one will know your importance to his or her life, they will see you as a normal guest that is just here to enjoy the moment. If you can please the others before yourself you will be attracted even more and you will have more followers on your journey.

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