Season 1 / Star Talk #2

Interview with Alejandro Carbajal

Area of Focus: Art - Music - Entertainment


  • Tell me a little bit about yourself. (your personality, your origin, what you stand for).

Alecarbazzy: My name is Alejandro Carbajal a.k.a Alecarbazzy. I am originally from Cuba. I stand for what is right for everyone because we are all equal, therefore we should help each everyone as much as possible.


  • What did inspire you to sing?

Alecarbazzy: First of all, I was, I am and I will a big fan of Justin Bieber. He is an idol for me. I learned how he became an icon for the music industry and he taught me that there is nothing better than behind the mic and have everyone enjoying your lyrics.


  • What type of music do you sing and why?

Alecarbazzy: I listen and sing to all kind of music. From reggaeton to techno, rap to dancehall. Music is what keeps me alive therefore I enjoy all the rhythm.


  • What does it take to be an artist in the United States?

Alecarbazzy: The United States is the land of opportunity therefore to become an artist you have to make sure your music is good and it can touch the soul of your fan. At the end, you have to do it for yourself because no one will invest in you if it is not good. 


  • What is your biggest achievement in your career?

Alecarbazzy: I have not achieved anything yet. I have just started as a young artist. I don't have a lot of economic resources which is my main handicap. Because I have a dream and I know where I want to be I know that I will achieve a lot of things. However, I can tell you that my biggest achievement will be collaborating with Justin Bieber on a project. I know that a lot of people do not like his personality because he has made a lot of mistakes. Also, some people don't show him love because he is a superstar and he can give their girls the Bieber fever right away.


  • What is the biggest disappointment that you can remember?

Alecarbazzy: I cannot quite remember the biggest disappointment that I have faced, but I can share with you a few thing that hurt me in my life. I remember when I was in Cuba I went to jail and the cop held me for four days for no reason. I used to live with my grand parents and my grand mother went to reside in the United States; consequently, my grand father hurt me because he loved me too much. I had an aunt she used to fight with her husband over me and one day she kicked me out of the house because she had the legal paper of the property. 


  • What type of support have you received from family and friends?

AlecarbazzyMy grand mother is the biggest support that I have had and my mother gives me a lot of support too. I don't have a lot of friends, but the few friend that I have means a lot to me. Nevertheless, some people can show you appreciation now and they still betray you later.


  • Who among the big superstar inspire you?

Alecarbazzy: I have quite a few superstar who inspires me like J. Bavin but the main one is Justin Bieber.


  • What is your dream ten years from now?

Alecarbazzy:That's a big question because the world is going insane with climate change, hurricane and tornadoes all the time these things make me scared. But ten years I want to be a light in the music industry, take care of my family and be loyal to my supporters.


  • What is your advice for someone who wants to become an artist in the music industry?

Alecarbazzy: The best advice that I can give to someone who wants to become something in their life not only a singer is that to follow your heart and dream don't let the evil take away your heart and dream. Don't let jealousy and envy poison your heart over the success of others because some people are destined to hit the top first before others. Patience is the true key to success. Also, if you become rich, stay humble and loyal to your people.


  • How likely you would recommend people to Amacdeur and why?

Alecarbazzy: I truly encourage everyone to stay connected with Amacdeur because not only if offers you the time to say what is right but also it gives you the light and the attention to say what you are afraid to share with others. 


  • How can people get in touch with you?

Alecarbazzy: They can reach out to me on my social account Instagram, facebook or youtube .

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