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Interview with Lorena Aros

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  • Lorena, tell me a little bit about yourself. (your personality, your origin, what you stand for).

Lorena:  My name is Lorena Aros and I am originally from the beautiful land in Central America called Guatemala. I am an actress and model. I believe in the power of the mind and how far it can lead you when you believe in yourself.


  • Where did you get the inspiration to pursue your career in fashion and entertainment?

Lorena: Since I was a child I had the desire to be in front of the camera. One day I was watching a TV show and I said to myself: "That's definitely the path that I want to take" And I started participating in beauty contests in my country.


  • Who has been the most influential inspirational person throughout your whole career?

Lorena: I would definitely say my parents but unfortunately, I did not have the privilege to grow up with them. I motivated myself to face all the difficulties that I have encountered. From a very young age, I set my standard and I always ensure to be ahead.


  • Have you ever face any type of rejection in your career? If yes how did you face that situation?

Lorena: In the pursuit of achieving more in my career, I came to the United States and one of the great challenges that I have faced is to learn the language. At first, it was difficult because I have been rejected on several job opportunities. In life, if you truly know what you want, you need to find a solution, so I took classes and now this is no longer a problem to move forward in my career.


  • What is your biggest achievement in your career so far?

Lorena:  Being a part of the world of acting is one of my biggest achievement so far in my career. I sometimes fail to get what I want but it has been something big to participate in more than seven telenovelas of the Hispanic television network Telemundo. Of course, my goals keep me alive to go further and that is why I continue to prepare myself to achieve them.


  • How would you define passion? and how does it influence your career?

Lorena: Passion is everything and it has been the main ingredient that has led me to pursue my dreams.


  • How do you manage your personal life and your career?

Lorena: Being a mother of two beautiful girls is a bit complicated and required a lot of patience especially when there are long-term job opportunities. It has not been easy, but I have managed to handle it with the help of God and my closest friends.


  • What are the pros and the cons for those who would like to take the same path as you?


  1. I have always believed in the importance of having a positive mind. Let's talk about Pros because the con can be found anywhere. If someone has the same dream as me then chase it, don't settle for anything! The worst thing that can happen is to receive a "No" as an answer, that's why you have to be persistent and to keep trying. Also, acting is a fascinating career where not only you have the possibility to grow as an artist but also as a person, you develop your intellect and your Self-esteem.

  • Do you have any special words for your supporters?

Lorena:  I want to thank all those people who have shown me their support. From the bottom of my heart, I thank all my supporters and I love them. Also, I would like to thank Amacdeur who give the opportunity to others to make themselves known and share their story to the world.


  • How can people get in touch with you?

Lorena: They can reach out to me on my social account Instagram , facebook  or youtube.

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