Interview with Vendgy Joseph

CEO of Vën Dënim

Area of Focus: Fashion - Design - Entrepreneur


  • Vendgy, tell me a little bit about yourself. (Your origin, Your lifestyle, what you stand for).

VeeMy name is Vendgy Joseph, but most people know me as Vee or Vën Dënim. I was born on the beautiful island called Haiti and I was raised in the United States. I have been living here in America for 25years. My mother is a very strong woman who raised me with a lot of principles. She had always look out to raise my standards in everything I did which has ultimately developed the drive and the sense of urgency to succeed that I have today. I cannot tolerate mediocrity; therefore, I believe everyone can always do better then what they've done.


  • What inspired you to pursue a career in fashion?

Vee:  I remember when I was a kid I would always cut up my mother's curtains and tablecloths to create outfits. I've always been a crafty kid with an odd imagination. For as long as I could remember,  I've always imagined my life as a successful traveling humanitarian.


  • How did you come up with the name Ven Denim?

Vee: When I decided to build this company I did a lot of research on how to create the perfect business name.  Two of the main key points that I read was to make it personal,  and direct. "Vën" is what my mother would call me as a child, and it's also the first 3 letters of my name, and "Dënim" of course is the service that this business provides.


  • What makes Ven Denim different from other brands?

Vee: Vën Dënim is not just a brand based on creating authentic denim wear,  but it is also a business based on networking and connecting like-minded, success oriented individuals. Since it's establishment in late September 2015 Vën Dënim has worked with countless models both professional & beginners, as well as make up artists and photographers which allow the company to build itself and to help others build themselves.


  • What is the biggest thing have you accomplished with the brand?

Vee: I consider one of my greatest accomplishments thus far is having the opportunity to ship my pieces internationally, to places like the UK, France, & NYC,  while being a locally based business. Also earlier this year I was proud to announce the launch of Vën Dënim's online store. Which is now running in a progressing rate. 


  • What type of support have you received from family, fan, and friends?

Vee: I have received support from some family and friends. Also, I do have a few die-hard supporters I must say but to be honest speaking generally the support doesn't always last. People like fast results, like they like fast food. I completely understand the mentality so I don't take anything personal anymore. For me, this is more than a race,  it's a legacy! I'm working to build a solid foundation for multiple generations. The customer support is definitely the perks of it all. 


  • What are some major difficulties have you encounter in the process of building Ven Denim?

Vee: One difficulty that I've encountered is being the CEO, the owner, the registered managing director. the bookkeeper, the customer support, and the engineer,  all while being the designer. It gets heavy. It's a lot to juggle,  but by the grace of God, I manage everything very--well.


  •  What changes that Ven Denim aims to bring in the fashion industry?

Vee: Vën Dënim's goal is to make denim hot again by introducing Dënim with an original twist of boldness.


  • What advice do you have for those who are interested in the fashion industry especially young people?

Vee: I'll share the top 5 of most valuable advice I've gotten.

  1. Master your craft!  Whatever that may be.  My partner has a quote and it says " Don't be an amateur in what brings you money"  - James Antoine

  2. Don't feed your doubts or anyone else's for that matter. " laws of attraction is a powerful thing. 

  3. One of the best moves you can make is to work or intern for a company or an individual in the fashion industry. Learn from their accomplishments and their failures which is a great stepping stone. Get a mentor, guidance from a knowledgeable and experienced source is important "each one teach one" which I would strongly advise them to visit consistently Amacdeur for some good advice. 

  4. You must have faith in something greater than yourself which could be God, the higher power,  the universe etc. Because having a sense of gratitude attracts positive results into everything you think, touch, and create. 

  5. Things are guaranteed to get hard once it gets real. Take heart!  and never quit.

  • How can people get in touch with you?

Vee: They can reach out to me on my website or on my social account Instagram.


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